Perfect results are only achieved with professional consultation. Our mutual success is based on partnerships and long-term cooperation with our clients and manufacturers.

We take the time to carefully research, evaluate and document target group definitions, market analyses, manufacturing processes and cost overviews.

We will be pleased to advise you.

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We still use a pencil at the start of every project. Our initial visions are sketched out on paper and ideas begin to take shape. This is a complex process that takes into account the various secondary considerations without compromising the initial vision. The designers in the s-design team always approach each new challenge with a keen sense for the balance between innovative design and commercial success.


We combine all design perspectives at the highest level without losing sight of the manufacturing practicalities and budget. Comprehensive product strategies ensure the market positioning and identity as well as the individuality of our customers. In this way we continually develop optimal product range scopes, from complete systems to minimal model designs.



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s-designteam Rendering

To present our ideas in a contemporary manner and as realistically as possible, our team develops the designers' visions using the latest 3D programmes. Our 3D photo visualisations translate the ideas into reality 1:1, showing the fine details and giving an overall impression of the sophisticated designs. Experience emotionally developed 3D environments in real-time.

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Prototype Manufacturing

Good design demands top quality. Knowledge and careful selection of the materials, first-class craftsmanship and technical expertise are essential. Our qualified designers are all master carpenters who are completely in touch with their craft. Each design is technically thought through and can be created as a prototype in our factory. Only in this way is it possible for a design to be made tangible and tested ergonomically, haptically and aesthetically.

Trade Fair Services

We develop new, innovative, and most importantly feasible visions for exhibition stands with absolute precision. Our network of graphic designers, photographers, professional decorators and trade fair stand builders guarantee a successful concept that will leave a lasting impression. Our designs are aimed at effectively presenting your company in a concentrated space.


Decoration / Photography / Catalogues

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The crowning details are of course the decoration. To make sure that everything is absolutely perfect, stylists with a flair for accessories are on hand to assist you. Whether its decoration for entire furniture stores or simply individual areas, we put great thought and care into those skillful finishing touches.


Whether in the studio or on-location, we organize and supervise photo shoots and photography.


When it comes to the graphic representation of your ideas, you'll find yourself in good hands with us. Our team draws on the experienced skills of graphic designers and advertising copywriters who develop and supervise your projects from the development stage right through to printing. As your one-stop service provider, we take care of your catalogues, brochures, banners and flyers.